Using Your Stamp

Where can I use my self-inking stamp?

Save time and achieve a professional look with your self-inking stamp from Ladd Stamps. Use it on your stationery, envelopes, books, product packaging, business documents, giveaway bags, canvas bags, napkins, and cards.

We recommend the following guidelines to create even, clean impressions:

1. It is important to stamp on a clean, dry, flat, hard surface (ex. table or desk). This will ensure a clear and even impression.

2. Separate the item (ex. note card, sticker, envelope, tag) from the stack before stamping. Stamp a single layer at a time.

3. For envelopes, it is best to stamp them before you stuff them.

4. Keep the stamp steady. Do not rock the stamp, as this may result in an uneven impression or unwanted marks.

6. Stamping on textured paper is possible, but it may not result in a perfectly even impression.

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